Object Passing
site-specific installation
2 suspended Duratrans prints with aluminium frame 1200x1680mm

2-screen computer animation, 10mins DVD loop

Anthony Gross 2004
  Poolside (1000 years)
animated film with stereo sound

4min30sec, DVD loop
Anthony Gross 2004


Anthony Gross

London, U.K.

Web: www.MrGross.com


2001    Ma in Fine Art,

            Goldsmiths College, London

1991    Ma in Architecture,

            The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London

1990    Guest Sculpture Student,

            Akademie der Bildende Künste, Karlsruhe, Germany

1987    Bsc in Architecture,

            The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London

1985    European Baccalaureate,

            European School II, Brussels, Belgium


Solo Shows:

2004    ‘Video et Animations’, M-Project, Paris
            Installation of 2 video works and 2 animations, with 2 projectors

            Showing: ‘Parallelines’, ‘Animal Kids’, ‘From Here to Eternity II’, ‘Emerge’


            ‘Production’, The London Print Studio, London

            Large installation of 10 digital prints and 4 animations

            in the form of an abstracted narrative.


2002    ’Band of One’, Tower Records, Piccadilly, London

            Installation of lightboxes and multiscreen ‘Promo’ animation.

            In store displays and ‘merchandising’. Web teaser campaign.

            Curated by Bowieart.com


2001    ’Cinch’, Levis shop, London


            ’Pictures for a Restaurant’, Philip Owens’ Restaurant, ICA, London 


Group Shows:


2004    'Object Passing', The Economist Building, London.

            2 person show with Sean Cummings.

            Presented by the Contemporary Arts Society


2004    ‘Blind Date’, temporarycontemporary, London, with Deptford X

            group show with Jen Wu, Mark Pearson, Ruhna Islam, Suzanne Mooney,
            Cedar Lewisohn, Patricia Ellis.

            Presenting on-going digital portrait works.


            ’TAPE291’, 291 Gallery, London (Catalogue)

            Group show curated by Seraina Mueller & Deana Wright

            inc. Richard Billingham, Runa Islam, Amanda Beech, Ben Judd, ...

            50 ft projection of ‘Animal Kids’


            ’Mesmer’, temporarycontemporary, London

            Group show curated by Anthony Gross

            inc. Ian Dawson, Mark Titchner, Paul O’Neill, Peter Fillingham, ...

            Monitor presentation of ‘1000years’


2003    ’The Petting Zoo’, GenArt space, Art Basel Miami Beach (Catalogue)

            Group show curated by Flemming Nielsen

            Monitor presentation of ‘Animal Kids’


            ’Derriere son Double’, Gallerie Le Garage, Toulouse,

            inc. Jean Pierre Khazem, Maïa Roger, Frédéric Nakache, ORSERO.

            Showing the complete series, ‘AutoBody LA’, 5 large format lambdas


            ’Film Night’, Westbourne Studios, London

            inc. John Malkovich & Bella Freud, Bikini Girls, Lucy Wallace, ...

            Cinema screening of ‘Parallelines’ film

            Presented by The Portobello Film Festival and Bowieart.com


            ’Sharjah international Biennial 6’, Sharjah Art Museum and Expo Centre,

            United Arab Emirates. (Catalogue)

            Installation of ‘From Here to Eternity II’, as part of Cell Project Space


            ’An Offer you can’t refuse’,  The leisure club MOGADISHNI, Copenhagen

            inc. Lise Blomberg Andersen, Peter Geschwind, Vincent Valdez...

            Monitor installation of ‘Animal kids’


            ’Launch Night’, The Cobden Club, London

            Cinema screening of ‘Animal Kids’ animation

            Presented by The Portobello Film Festival


2002    ’The Commodity Show’, Old Truman Brewery, London

            Curated by ArtAgency


            ’Bowieart Multimedia Night’, Westbourne Studios, London

            Cinema screening of ‘Culture Cycle’ film

            Curated by Bowieart.com


2002    ’Craft’, Cell Project Space, London

            inc. Sam Basu, Lolly Batty, David Burrows, Matt Franks, ...

            2-screen installation of ‘From Here to Eternity II’ animation

            Curated by Richard Priestly


            ’Portobello Film Festival’, Westbourne Studios, London

            Large scale projection of ‘Promo’ and ‘Culture of One’ animations


            ’Pixel Whispers’, Westbourne Studios, London and www.pixelwhispers.com

            Curated by Monica Biagoli


            ’Sound and Vision’, Meltdown Festival, Royal Festival Hall, London

            Installation of ‘Band of One’

            Curated by Bowieart.com


            ‘Private’, Aldgate East Pump House, London

            Site-specific 3 monitor installation

            Curated by Swapna Tamhane


            ’Club’, Le Grand Confort, Poitiers, France (CD-Rom Catalogue)

            inc. Brian Dawn Chalkey, Kevin Heavey, Wolfgang Tillmanns ...

            Curated by Simon Wood, Wilken Schaden and Eva Stenram


            ’Nite Ryder’, Woody’s Night Club, London

            inc. Dougie Fields, k r buxey, ...

            Presented by The Portobello Film Festival


            ’London Calling’, Aldwich Tube Station, London

            Curated by DSO Productions


2001    ’291 Artmart’, 291 Gallery, London

            Curated by Edwina Orr, Lisa Jensen and Trudie Stephenson


            ’Commodity Shop’, BritArt.com Gallery, London


            ’RCA Secret’, Royal College of Art, London


            ’Shine’, Spitz Gallery, London

            Installation of ‘Culture of One’

            Curated by Debra Sacco and Julie Reynolds


            ’Flesh’, BritArt.com Gallery, London


             ’Video Babylon’, Auckland City Art Gallery, New Zealand (Catalogue)

            Cinema screening and monitor installation of ‘Culture of One’

            Curated by Denise Kum


            ’Expansions’, Brixtonian Havana Club, London

            Nightclub projections of ‘Pan’ animations




2001    ’Arte Viva Festival 2001’, Senigallia, Italy (Catalogue)

            Residency and exhibition


            ’The Portobello Film Festival, 2001’, Uncle’s Bar, London


            ’Glamourhammer’, Thomas A’Beckett Boxing Gym, London

            2-screen installation in boxing ring of ‘From Here to Eternity’ animation

            Curated by David Lock


            ’Cybersex’, ICA, London

            Curated by Niki Gomez/Cybersalon.org,


2000    ’Assembly’, Stepney City, London (Catalogue)


            ’NonStopOpening’, ZDB Gallery, Lisbon

            Curated by Tiago Carneiro da Cunha


            ’Summer’, The Sun & Doves Gallery, London


            ’Camberwell Arts Week’, ASC Studios, London


            ‘Manchurian Candidate’, Paris House, London

            inc. Brian Griffith, Paul Morrison, ...

            Curated by Ciara Ennis and David Goldenberg


            ‘Homeless’, The Mota Gallery, London

            Curated by David Goldenberg


            ‘Houseworks’, Underwood Street Gallery, London

            inc. Peter Lewis, Peter Fillingham, Simon Tyscko, Matthew Hilton, ...

            Curated by Ciara Ennis


            ’6 Artworks’, CH N Katz, London

            Curated by Suresh Singh


Curatorial Projects:


2004    temporarycontemporary, experimental art space started by

            Anthony Gross & Jen Wu


            ’FleaMarket’,   group show with 80 artists in the form of a market

            ‘Mesmer’, group show about the artist’s gaze.

            ‘Blind Date’, group show with Deptford X + RADAR projects artists


2003    ’Factory’, DVD magazine, 2nd issue

            inc. Jeff Koons, Chantal Joffe, Paul McDevitt, Chris Cunningham ...

            Specially comissioned credits animation




2003    ’Portobello Film Festival 2003’ - award for Best Multimedia Work.

            for the video ‘Parallelines’. Electric Cinema, London


2001    ’Arte Viva Festival 2001’ - 2 week residency. Senigallia, Italy

            1st Prize in Digital Art


Selected reviews, publications and broadcasts:


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                        Review of work at Sharjah Bienniale by Jamie Robinson.

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                        Review of work at Sharjah Bienniale by Jamie Robinson.

            •           Radical Philosophy, March 2003.

                        Use of images in article by Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe.

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                        ‘Culture of One’ image used in launch edition

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            •           The Guardian, 30th Nov 2000.                                    

                        ‘Artists who paint by digits’, digital arts article by Sean Dodson